Abloc Recovery Drink Mix

Stephan Looney"Great job Matt and Mitch! These two Marines have created the perfect endurance recovery mix. Smooth, easy to mix, easy on the taste buds and it actually works!"

-Stephan, Ultra-marathoner



Natalie"After a long run I mixed the recommended amount (a scoop) of the mix with water, tossed a few ice cubes in and shook it up. To my surprise – it was delicious. Not chalky, not too sweet, smooth and delicious. I also found that it gave me more energy than my usual glass of chocolate almond milk."

-Natalie, Marathoner

Ryan"I found that abloc worked very well for my recovery, I was able to do back-to-back workouts and felt that my muscles weren't that fatigued as they normally would be. In addition, the mix was easy on my stomach and was easily digested."

-Ryan, Marathoner

Matt and Mitch had a problem. They wanted to increase their endurance training days per week, but were having a hard time recovering between workouts. Protein powder and sports drinks weren't working, so they hit the books to figure out what they needed to recover faster. Surprisingly, the answer was simple: 2-to-1 carbs-to-protein, taken immediately after a workout.

They tried to find a drink mix that had the ratios they wanted. It didn't exist. So they got their hands on the raw ingredients, mixed up a batch, and gave it a try. àbloc Recovery Drink Mix was born. With the founding of àbloc Nutrition, they are finally able to bring their favorite mix to the endurance athlete community.


MitchI'm a US Marine helicopter pilot and avid endurance athlete. I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2008 with a Bachelors of Business Administration, and have been stationed in San Diego for the past four years with my wife. I grew up outdoors, and love the outdoor lifestyle that comes with living in Southern California. My wife and I love to travel and find new places that are off the beaten path (I have found some amazing trails and been on some of my favorite runs during our trips together). As Director of Operations at àbloc Nutrition, I get to work in a company that I love and in an industry that has become my passion. I look forward to where this company can take me as an endurance athlete.








MattMatt's the name, running the game… or endurance sport of choice.  Well, I've been running since I could remember. I started running around in the fields of Maryland at age 9 while my dad mowed our 13 acre farm. Who know's what possessed me, but I'd run for hours around those fields until either sun set or my dad finished. After the not-so-polished start, I picked up formal running with cross country in high school. As my running career continued into college I got caught up with a band of misfits that called themselves the Navy Marathon Team at the United States Naval Academy and experienced my first taste of marathoning. After over a dozen marathons and numerous ultra marathons to include the Vermont 100 Miler and Western States Endurance Run, endurance sports have continue to be a passion. Over the years many things have changed from now marrying my lovely wife Pam to becoming a CrossFit Level I Trainer to becoming a US Marine helicopter pilot. Wherever life has taken me the passion and need for logging many miles on tired legs remains. 





It is through our passion for endurance sports that àbloc Nutrition has emerged, and we look forward to spreading this passion with truly superior recovery products. We are continually refreshed by the stories of the athletes who join our team and are thrilled to see how the team will grow and change in the future.

àbloc Nutrition Blog

àbloc Endurance Recovery Smoothies!

February 22, 2015

I love reading about the different ways that our athletes have been using our drink mix! I'm usually in a hurry to relax after a workout, and prefer mine mixed with cold water in a shaker bottle. But some runners have gotten pretty creative. I've tried out the recipes below, and recommend that you give them a try. Or create your own!

For each recipe, add all ingredients to a blender, mix until smooth, and enjoy!

Banana-Oat Smoothie

Chia-Berry Smoothie

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Smoothie

Time-Tested Recovery Tips…

February 15, 2015

Over the years at àbloc, we have learned a couple small tricks can go a long way after our workouts. Here’s our top 5.

  1. Replenish within 30 minutes of the workout.
  2. Make time to stretch.
  3. Elevate your legs. 
  4. Drink plenty of fluids.
  5. Practice active recovery.