Stephan Looney"Great job Matt and Mitch! These two Marines have created the perfect endurance recovery mix. Smooth, easy to mix, easy on the taste buds and it actually works!"

-Stephan, Ultra-marathoner



Natalie"After a long run I mixed the recommended amount (a scoop) of the mix with water, tossed a few ice cubes in and shook it up. To my surprise – it was delicious. Not chalky, not too sweet, smooth and delicious. I also found that it gave me more energy than my usual glass of chocolate almond milk."

-Natalie, Marathoner

Ryan"I found that abloc worked very well for my recovery, I was able to do back-to-back workouts and felt that my muscles weren't that fatigued as they normally would be. In addition, the mix was easy on my stomach and was easily digested."

-Ryan, Marathoner

Our Story

Sports DrinksOur company was created out of a need for better recovery products for endurance athletes. For the last few decades endurance athletes have been sold water and high fructose corn syrup. This mixture works great when it comes to re-hydrating fluids lost by sweat, but doesn’t do much when it comes to replenishing energy stores or repairing muscles. Our bodies need complex carbs, protein, and electrolytes.

BlenderAmong elite athletes, this recovery cocktail is well known, and they have nutritionists who supervise their post-workout recovery. The other 98% of athletes don’t have that luxury. However, we are a resourceful group, and the internet is full of awesome DIY recovery shakes and drinks. The problem is, these DIY solutions take time to mix up, and after a grueling endurance workout, standing in a kitchen is the last thing anyone wants to do.

There wasn’t really a product out there that fit the bill of having complex carbs and protein in a 2-to-1 ratio that tastes great and is ready to drink in less than 30 seconds. So we ordered all of the raw ingredients, spent months mixing and matching, and ábloc Recovery was born. It is now our dream and mission to bring our recovery drink mix to the endurance athlete community.

Abloc Recovery Drink Mix for Endurance Athletes

As Featured In

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Mitch - Founder and CEO

Mitch, Founder and CEOI'm a US Marine helicopter pilot and avid endurance athlete. I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2008 with a Bachelors of Business Administration, and have been stationed in San Diego for the past five years with my wife. I grew up outdoors, and love the outdoor lifestyle that comes with living in Southern California. My wife and I love to travel and find new places that are off the beaten path (I have found some amazing trails and been on some of my favorite runs during our trips together). I look forward every day to meeting some amazing athletes and spreading the word about ábloc Nutrition.



àbloc Nutrition Blog

U.S. Marine Helicopter Pilot Finds Time to Start His Own Sports Nutrition Business

November 11, 2015

CARLSBAD, CA November 11, 2015 – In 2001, fresh out of high school, Mitchell Vanderkodde enlisted in the Marine Corps. He planned on serving four years, finishing his tour, and then starting his first business. Fourteen years later, he is still an active duty Marine, and is now a small business owner as well. His company, Ábloc Nutrition, makes and sells a drink mix designed for runners and endurance athletes. “Being a Marine has been the best experience of my life,” says Mitchell “and I plan on staying in for as long as they’ll let me. I came to a point in my career where I finally had enough time to devote to my other dream of being a business... Continue Reading →

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